Next Course Begins:
 November 15th, 2021

Module 1

Music Evolution

  • Dissecting the elements of what makes a track modern

  • What’s in and whats not

Module 2

Drums Galore-Finding The Groove​

  • Drum Kits

  • Layering

  • Loops

  • Sample Resources

Module 3

Sound Fusion-Finding the Right Sounds

  • Synths

  • Melodies

  • Layering

Module 4

Bringing it All Together

  • Structure

  • Transitions

  • Dynamics

Module 5

Ear Candy

  • Vocal Chops

  • Saturation

  • Distortion

  • Filters

Module 6

Extra Sauce

  • EQ

  • Side Chaining

  • Delays/Reverb

Module 7 & 8

Modern Songwriting and Modern Vocals

  • Make Vocals Sound Unique and Professional​​


Course also includes

  • Weekly group Zoom calls

  • Bi-Weekly guest speakers

Choose Your Program

  • Coaching Package

    Coaching ONLY, Course not included
    Valid for one month
    • Includes four 1 hour Zoom Sessions
  • Single Session

    1-on-1 Videoconference
    Valid for one month
    • Can be used for the following:
    • Listening session & song feedback
    • Finding focus & direction



Hilary B.

Completely transformed everything for me. I now have at least 15 songs out there with companies and I'm creating and producing new stuff all the time. Nick is the man!!


Tamara Bubble

I feel like I've finally arrived! Yessss, got my money's worth in week 4 alone...Thank you!


Phil M.

Great course, I learnt a lot from this course & Nick is a cool dude to hang with and learn from. Lessons were great, simple to grasp, listening sessions were dope. Recommend.